Who can list on GoHorse.com?  

  • ALL horse businesses can list on GoHorse.com. We want to map every horse business across the country.  Horse stables, farriers, vets, horse trainers, riding lesson providers, health practitioners, hay providers, saddle makers, tack & feed stores.  All of it will be valuable to our users searching in a specific area.  The idea is to make it easy for a horse person to locate horse resources in any area of the country.

Do I have to register my email to search?  

  • Nope. Have fun!

What geographic areas do you cover?  

  • Currently, we are in all 50 United States and growing rapidly.  Our highest concentration is in Georgia, our home state, with over 1300 listings.

What information must I provide to list my business?

  •  You must have a physical location (not a PO Box), telephone and email contact info.  In addition, we would like to have a detailed description of the services you provide and their benefits. The other super important part to listing on gohorse.com is all the questions that we ask about your business.  The more complete you can fill out the form, the better your customers are able to understand what it is you really offer.

How long will it be FREE?  

  • GoHorse will ALWAYS be free for basic users and basic listings because we want to encourage EVERYONE to use the system as a central horse resource. In the future, some features will be available only with a monthly subscription but you will never be asked to pay just to have access.

Is there a Verification process to list my business?  

  • Yes, though we let you post immediately, we are checking each record to be sure that everything is filled out correctly.  You may or may not be contacted depending upon what we find in your listing. If you can not be contacted and we have questions to verify - your listing will be removed.

How do you keep the information updated?  

  • GoHorse has a patented verification process.  We are continually verifying information and asking for additional details as time passes.  If you run across inaccurate information, please take a moment to let us know through our contact us form.

What is the horse stable “Availability FLAG” for?  

  • This flag is primarily for monthly boarding openings at your facility.  These could be a training board, pasture board or stall board openings. It highlights your pinpoint on the map with a “green horse” and also your barn listing details.  PLUS users can filter now by what farms have current availability - so be sure to keep it active when you have an opening and turn it OFF when you are full.  This will help you control call volume. There are actually 3 settings.
    • Yes” meaning boarding spots are currently.  Your listing has a green banner saying “boarding available!”
    • No” meaning not spots at this time and has a black banner saying “no availability”
    •  Leave blank - which will encourage customers to call and check in

What does “verified by owner” mean?  

  • There are two levels of business listings currently.  Verified listings have been completed by the owner/manager of that business and are very complete.  All other “basic” listings have a location and contact information - we are working to get owners to complete these, please ask them to do so when you contact them.

What if I find inaccurate information?

  • GoHorse is making every attempt to have an accurate and up to date database. If you run across inaccurate information, please take a moment to let us know through our contact us form.

How about False Reviews? - What’s the process - can people just make up stuff?  

  • GoHorse reviews are safe and secure. If a client adds a review, they must identify themselves with a valid email. Their review is held (and not published) until the verification email is answered and validated.  This prevents false reviews from people who do not want to identify themselves.

How do we protect business owners - Is there an appeals process for reviews posted that my business doesn’t like?  

  • Yes, send us an email at (Info@gohorse.com). We will contact the customer to verify the accuracy of the review.  If no contact can be verified, we will remove the review.

What if I have additional features I’d like to see?  Or find bugs in the software?  

  • Drop us a line at (Info@gohorse.com).  We are here to please you and create a fantastic platform for the entire horse community, so everyone has a vote and your comments and suggestions are much appreciated!

How can I help during an emergency?

  • Add your barn or stable as a place that welcomes hurricane evacuees or welcomes those during other emergencies.
  • Share GoHorse.com for those in need to search for emergency listings near them.

How can I get help from Gohorse.com during an emergency?

  • Use our search engine to find barns willing to take in those in need during emergencies. You can search by city and state to find who has availability.
  • Feel free to message us on Facebook or call us at (770) 925-5857 if you need help finding somewhere to take your horses.

How can I get involved? I love what GoHorse.com is doing!

  • We have a few different ways you can get involved:
    • Spread the word by telling your boarding stable, other riders you know, farriers, and other horse businesses and friends about us.
    • Social media postings help us a lot, especially those for other horse-related groups! The more people who know about us the bigger we can grow our community!
    • Consider Guest Blogging for our blog.  If you have writing experience and expertise in anything related to the equine industry we'd love to help you author a meaningful piece for the horse community.  We have found so many passionate people that have an experience in their lives that has turned into a long-term passion and skill.  It's very uplifting to hear and pass along these stories.
    • Sponsor a contest! If you have a business with products that you think GoHorse customer would like to contact us!
    • Give us feedback! We love hearing ways we can improve our site, blog, or social media accounts. Let us know what you think can make us better!